Maria Mcinnis

EAG CrossFit

Maria has been an active CrossFit member since 2019, a natural progression after years of finding a love for running and passion for body building. 2022 brought on new goals and a new direction in this sport after she qualified for the 2022 Open Quarterfinals. Focusing in on training (movements, nutrition, rest/recovery, and education) and jumping into the competitive arena, Maria has continued her growth by receiving her certification as a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer.

Maria is excited to represent Evolution Athletix as a coach and support the EAG crew, from a different perspective, by developing skills and
abilities, and, of course, boosting performance. Maria happily tackles any WOD that contains thrusters and/or burpees and will be the first to jump on an assault runner over the rower or bike any day of the week. She gets overly excited for a good jam and when other members hit PRs or achieve what they thought was impossible. She believes community and environment are staples, and along with programming, CrossFit builds strong, healthy, confident, motivated, and successful athletes…at all ages, all levels, and all abilities…inside and outside of the rig.

“gratitude, humility, dedication, positivity, poise, focus, resilience, and an eagerness to continuously grow”
~ B.Bergeron