Boxing is one of the oldest and most effective combat sports. Basic footwork, head movement and punch mechanics are the foundation of the art. Boxing can be traced back all the way to Ancient Greece and is now a sport with it’s own world championships and an event in the Olympics.

Boxing at Evolution Athletix is a fun, safe environment for people of all skill levels. Our focus is on perfecting the fundamentals and providing an excellent workout. We also have the necessary tools and coaches for anyone looking to compete as an amateur boxer.

Benefits of Boxing

  • Intense Cardiovascular Workout
  • High Level Coaching
  • Fun and Safe Workout
  • 16+ Punching Bags & Full Boxing Ring
  • Competitive Boxing Team
  • Multiple Boxing Classes¬†each Week
  • Open to ALL Evolution Athletix Members
  • Great Self Defense Option

Boxing Instructors

Taylor Costantino

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