Takedowns & Transitions

Takedowns & Transitions is a mix of Sambo, Judo, BJJ and Wrestling. The focus of the class is to improve your ability to take a fight or grappling match to the mat and to control your opponent. While doing this, we are always taking submissions into account and learning how to avoid bad positions in transition.

Each class starts with a basic warm-up that covers how to properly fall, basic hip movement, and all of the fundamentals of stance, footwork and positioning. After the basics we do basic drills focused on getting stronger in specific positions. A group of techniques is then covered, followed by live drilling. This class provides a great workout as well!

Benefits of Takedowns & Transitions

  • Improved Grappling Stand Up Game
  • Better Strength, Balance and Coordination
  • Mix of Sambo, Judo and Wrestling
  • Takedowns, Submissions and Positional Awareness are all covered
  • More than 80% of fights go to the ground, basic Takedowns are a great self defense option
  • 3,500+ Square Feet of Mat Space
  • Available for Beginners or more advanced practitioners 

Takedowns & Transitions Instructors

Taylor Costantino

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