Fighter Fit

Fighter Fit is a circuit style class with short rounds of high paced exercises and short rest periods.

Every Fighter Fit class is only 45 minutes and consists of a high paced but short warm up, various 3 minute round circuits and finishes with partner exercises and drills. This class is a great option for beginners or advanced athletes and all exercises can be modified if needed!

Each exercise is focused around conditioning performed by athletes in our fight team to get in shape for upcoming competitions! We incorporate striking, calisthenics, medicine balls, kettlebells, tires, and resistance bands. You do not need gloves for this class.

Benefits of Fighter Fit

  • Utilize a wide range of exercise types
  • Provide a total body workout
  • High level of aerobic conditioning
  • Dynamic, efficient workouts
  • Get in Fight Shape!
  • Exercises used by Boxing & MMA Fighters to push themselves to the limit
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Full range of top of the line equipment
  • Morning & Evening class options
  • Classes always changing, keeping your body guessing

Fighter Fit Instructors

Taylor Costantino

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