Allison Daigle

EAG CrossFit

As a busy mom of two sons, Allison often found it challenging to find time for fitness or a workout that didn’t feel like a chore. After years of traditional gym workouts and trying other fitness classes, Allison tried CrossFit in 2015 and was immediately hooked! Quickly she knew she wanted to coach others because of how it impacted her own life. CrossFit changed her thoughts on exercise and helped gain more strength based goals. Allison’s favorite movement is wall balls and the best part of CrossFit is the community, there’s always someone cheering you on and there to support you when you need it. Allison has experience in leading group classes, individual training and youth fitness classes. As a coach, Allison finds it immensely rewarding to be able to help others push themselves and reach their health and wellness goals.

 In her free time, Allison is often reading or enjoying the outdoors with her family.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

CrossFit Anatomy Certificate

CrossFit Spot the Flaw Certificate