Using kettlebells is a safe, enjoyable workout that strengthens every muscle from head to toe. Both our kettlebells and kettlebell bootcamp classes are a great cardio workout that will strengthen your joints, core and back. Kettlebells strengthen the entire posterior chain, which makes your confidence and posture better. Kettlebell workouts are a great option because they combine cardio, and strength training.

We offer kettlebells starting at 9 pounds for beginners, all the way up to 70 pounds for more advanced kettlebell users!

Benefits of Kettlebells

  • Fun and varied, never boring.
  • It’s safe and for everyone.
  • Builds mobility.
  • Unify your body.
  • Increase your mental focus.
  • Corrects imbalances

Kettlebell Instructors

Reid Coulombe

Harry Knox

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