Submission Grappling

Submission grappling is a general term that incorporates multiple martial arts that focus on clinch and ground control. Our submission grappling classes have a mix of brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, catch wrestling and sambo. Each instructor has their own background and their own form of submission grappling!

Our focus is how to control an opponent on the ground and then how to submit through choke holds, arm locks and leg locks. Each class has all levels of both fitness and skill. Submission grappling is an excellent choice for anyone looking for self defense; as almost all altercations end up on the ground.

Benefits of Submission Grappling

  • Great self defense option
  • Full body workout each class
  • Focuses on a smaller person being able to defeat a bigger opponent
  • All ages and skill levels are welcome
  • High Level Instruction
  • Morning, Afternoon and Evening Class options
  • 3,500 Square Feet of Mats
  • Private Training AvailableĀ 

Submission Grappling Instructors

Kris Kramer

Taylor Costantino

Nate Libby

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