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54 Years Old


37 and 34 Years Old


37, 35, 13, 12 & 7 Years Old


54 Years Old

“Evolution Athletix’s staff are knowledgeable, personable and very sincere for your achievements. The trainers have been able to push me to places I never thought i’d be able to get to and during each class there is a feeling of community and family. The multitude of options offered has opened up sports for me that I never would have tried, like boxing. One thing that also drew me to the facility is the Powerlifting program, which no other gym in the area offers.

My favorite class so far has been Cardio Kickboxing, I love the intensity and comradery and I am already seeing results! This gym has helped me to set and obtain new goals in ways that I never thought I could!”

Name: Garrett

Age: 37

“I’ve been working out consistently for years, but in the past few years i’ve put more effort into nailing down powerlifting. Before that I spent more time on bodybuilding style workouts, so it took some getting used to. I have been to a Evofit, Cardio Kickboxing, Spin, BJJ, and Powerlifting and they are all great in their own way. For me, the powerlifting class is my favorite, which is due to Coach Greg being extremely knowledgeable, but also the group of people being inviting and supportive. 

The staff and trainers are the best of the best, there is no question about it. I’ve never been more comfortable at any gym I’ve ever been to. For example, our recent powerlifting class had a lot of first time lifters and Greg was able to break down the technique and really invested time to make sure the new members were lifting correctly, and safely. The bottom line is, everyone here actually cares! I am generally a loner, but now I am talking to more people and I have tried things that I never would have tried and all of the trainers have instilled a more positive outlook on the way I work out. 

I have been to most of the other gyms in the area but most of them are missing something. I even learned recently that most large gyms really don’t want you to come to the gym, they just want you to keep paying your dues. That’s the typical big corporate gym mentality, and something you’ll never find at Evolution Athletix!”

Name: Kara

Age: 34

“My fitness journey started in 2011 when I was 250 pounds, on blood pressure medication and very unhappy with my life. I started working out and fell in love with a wellness based lifestyle that encompasses fitness and clean eating. This lifestyle led me to meet my husband that also shares this passion!

It’s hard to pick a favorite class that the gym offers. I have tried Spin, Kickboxing, Powerlifting, Evofit, BJJ and Yoga and I love every class. I learn something new and always feel appreciated and supported by the instructors and class participants. The staff and trainers at EA really are knowledgeable, respectful, caring and amazing individuals. I feel like I can approach any of them and they will go out of their way to help and support me. They are what makes EA feel like a home, not just a gym. They facilitate an environment that makes me feel comfortable to try new things and not feel judgement. For example, I was intimidated by BJJ so I spoke with the instructor before a class. He was laid back, no pressure and made me feel comfortable to try the class and now I have done a few BJJ classes! 

There are a couple things that I feel really set EA apart from other gyms. The community is supportive and astounding. I love coming here and it puts a smile on my face just to walk in the door. They listen to their clients and are receptive to feedback. I also recently had a back injury and my physical therapist is located right inside of the gym! Because of my injury I haven’t been able to workout, but every time I come in for PT the EA staff says hello, asks me how I am doing and when I am coming back. This is not just a gym, it’s a community of compassionate and supportive individuals. “

Cote Family

Name: Joe Cote

Age: 37

 Asking me to pick a favorite class is like asking me to pick a favorite child! I love all of them for different for reasons, whether it be the other members in the class, the instructor or the results from the workout.

I have worked out on and off at different facilities for the past 8 years. But, the caliber of the trainers and the array of classes is like no facility I have ever seen. In my time training at Evolution Athletix I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from all of the trainers. I’ve learned to push myself to levels I didn’t think were possible for me. The trainers ability to push you to be better is incredible.

Name: Katie Cote

Age: 34

Favorite Class: Powerlifting 

I have been going to gyms for the last 10 years, I have always done some type of lifting, bootcamp or fitness class. The Powerlifting program has taught me so much about lifting and has brought my lifts to a whole new level. 

What I think separates Evolution Athletix from other gyms is how inclusive they are to all members of a family. Going to the gym used to be a “mom and dad” thing, and now it’s turned into a “ok, it’s time for all of us to go to the gym.” The classes offered vary from adults right down to the youngest member of our family. We are instilling a healthy mindset in them, and it’s amazing when the gym can be a family event instead of just the parents. They’re more likely to stay active and healthy if we do it as a family.

Name: Tyler Cote 

Age: 13

Favorite Class: Youth Strength & Conditioning because Coach Reid is funny and makes the class fun. I have never been to another gym, but training at Evolution Athletix has increased my athletic ability. Our instructors make each class fun but we get to improve at the same time, Coach Reid came to one of our football games to support us which was cool!

Name: Ryan Cote

Age: 11

Favorite Class: Youth Strength & Conditioning because it helps me prepare for all of my sports. But, I really enjoy getting to do some of the fitness classes with my whole family. It’s awesome that the gym has so many kinds of training for both kids and adults. It’s cool that the trainers are funny and can make us laugh during class.

Name: Evan Cote

Age: 6

Favorite Class: “Kids MMA, obviously.”

I did 6 months of BJJ before coming here. What I really like about Evolution Athletix is that you guys have everything! The bags, the gym equipment, all of the classes and everything else! 

In my time training here, I have learned that if I work hard and stay committed, that I can learn new things and improve quickly. My favorite part of the gym is that my coach makes learning new things fun. I get to learn in my class but I have fun and it’s never boring!