Youth Strength and Speed 7-11

Our Youth Strength and Speed program focuses on proper running mechanics, and basic strength movements in order to prepare youth athletes for more advanced exercises as they get older and more mature. Many young kids when they move have poor body awareness, the purpose of this program is to build an athletic foundation, improve their coordination, reduce the risk of injury, improve their relative body strength, and most importantly grow their self-esteem.

The class is a structured training method to ensure the kids get as much out of it as possible but also has a fun and friendly environment to ensure the kids want to come back day after day. The program is open to all kids from ages 7-11, each day the class is either strength based, and/or speed based (acceleration or change of direction). This program helps young athletes develop foundational athletic skills that will allow them to perform at a higher level than their competition!


Not currently running due to time restrictions

Youth Strength & Speed Instructors

Reid Coulombe

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